Osprey Carries Off shark Freaks Out Beach visitors

An osprey was caught on video at Myrtle beach, carrying what visitors thought was a shark through the air. Freaking out the internet. If it was a shark it would be a dogfish, but none the less they look like sharks because they are sharks.
This video has gotten over a million views and with all the shark stuff going it it is kind of funny to watch. Especially since this is not a shark, but a fish. Looks more like a lady fish or a mackerel. Internet for the win. July now has flying sharks for the 2020 bingo card.

Osprey are my favorite fish finders at the beach and bays. If they are high in the air, the fish are deep. If the osprey is low, the fish are shallow. If it flies way off the coast, the fish are out there, and you can’t cast that far.

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