Assateague Island National Seashore Visitor Rides Pony

Is it just me or do we have an unusual amount of disrespectful people down here this year? The story is this self proclaimed “ranch hand” decided he wanted to ride one of the ponies, after being told to distance the required 40 feet from the ponies.
When informed of that rule, he claimed he was a ranch hand and knew how to handle horses. Not long after that encounter he was photographed riding one of the Assateague Ponies. It was reported to park officials, but the group was gone by then, A license plate was reported and parks tracked down this man and ticketed him we are told.

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Photo of the “ranch hand” petting a Assateague Pony .. photo by Manni Schiemann‎
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Please respect our natural areas and resources not only in Maryland but everywhere.
We lose access all of the time to disrespectful actions like this. Like the lady who hit the pony last week, actions lie that would prompt parks to just say stop bringing coolers and food to the beach.
We see the entitled attitude here in Delaware constantly. The last beach clean up we told a group of people walking the beach …
You can’t walk into that area of Beach Plum Island State park folks, it is closed as a wildlife preserve. (very politely)
The response … Oh it is okay we are fine, we come down here every year and do this. (with an annoyed voice and not skipping a beat walking)

Perfect, my bad carry on, I didn’t know you were more entitled than the rest of us. You do you, maybe a ranger will come along and explain it to you. That big red sign has all the info you need explaining the closure, that you just passed.
They eventually thought about it for a hot minute, and huffed and puffed as they walked back where they came from.

We try to be stewards for the beaches and our environment and at times we get grief for it. We don’t care, these places can’t stick up for themselves so to speak.
Incidents like this are why we do that. This is how we lose access permanently and why we can’t have nice things.

Be the example, not the problem.

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