Osprey Have Arrived In Delmarva


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Osprey eating a fish near the Indian River Inlet.

Usually the osprey don’t start showing up until Saint Patrick’s Day weekend.  So far this year they have been seen as early as the last week of February.  Like any migratory species, we even have some holdovers that stay year round.  These birds are my favorite fish finders.  Especially at the beach, when they are in close above the waves, I know fish are closer, and when they fly way out beyond the beach, I know fish are not near us at all or too deep for them to catch.  If osprey are far up in the sky the fish are deeper, if the bird is closer to the water the fish are shallow.  I have even seen them fly off with flounder before.  One day when surf fishing was tough, we saw an osprey pull a small blue out of the back of a breaking wave, we adjusted our lines and started catching.  Nature’s fish finder on the job.  So far osprey have been seen from the Chester river area to Seaford to Cape Henlopen state park.  These early arrivals will have to deal with some cold weather here, but there is plenty of fish for them to feed.  Between the herring running, bunker in the upper Delaware bay, and the ponds already loaded with fish, they will not go hungry.   Looking forward to an early season of fishing, next up, when will the bluefish get here because the striped bass are already starting to pick up.

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