One Last Chance To Stop The Rehoboth Waste Water Outfall Project


Rehoboth Outfall Waste water project T shirt, no ocean pollution
Rehoboth Outfall Waste water project T shirt

Well apparently we have one last shot at stopping the waste water outfall project.  Rehoboth beach wants to pump their waste water out into the ocean, near the Hen and Chicken shoals.  If you have been following this then I don’t need to go into a lot of details, but I am not in favor of this project.  In fact many are not in foavor of this project, even more aren’t that weren’t allowed a vote or say on the issue. We have better alternatives.  I always found it odd that we will treat drinking water before pumping it to houses, but we don’t clean waste water so it is safer for the environment that we return it to, after we took it from there.  Seems to be the exact opposite of what we should be doing.   Please call Governor John Carney and urge him to deny the permits for the proposed pipe. Dover: 302-744-4101 Wilmington Office: 302-577-3210.

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