Offshore Wind Exchange In Delaware And The Mid-Atlantic

Sorry this is such late notice, but there are two meetings so you still have a chance to plan to attend one of them.  TOMORROW … Wednesday, June 27, 2018,  8:00 AM 12:00 PM Rehoboth Beach Convention Center, 229 Rehoboth Avenue. The second is on July 12th in Bethany Beach, I will have details for that one soon. You can register for either workshop here.

From .. Bonnie Ram, Senior Researcher, Associate Director, Center for Carbon-free Power Integration
College of Earth, Ocean, & Environment, University of Delaware ….. “At both meetings we will have some experts that can address recreational fishing issues related to the upcoming offshore wind project off the coast of DE. We have a fisheries expert attending both meetings from the University of DE — involved with tagging various species in the Wind Energy Area as well as following the endangered sturgeon. Also the developer will be attending and can answer questions relating to fishing restrictions – if any during contraction and operations.

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If you can attend it would be a good idea.  I have several questions regarding fishing and will report back what I am told.

Rich King

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