OCMD Coast Guard Rescue Capsized Pontoon Boat In OC Inlet

This afternoon Guard OCMD, Maryland DNR Police and local emergency crews were called in for a capsized pontoon boat in the Ocean City Inlet.

There were 15 passengers that were all safely recovered. That is a lot of people on a pontoon boat.

I’ll be the one to say it, glad everyone is okay. Who in their right mind takes a pontoon boat out of any inlet around here. OCMD’s inlet is a tough one, but not as bad as the Indian River Inlet. Yes, boats can maneuver and manage inlets at slack tide and calm days. Still doesn’t mean you should.

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Capsized pontoon surrounded by emergency crews in the OCMD Inlet … shot off the OCMD inlet web cam

Inlets are dangerous places, and in many’s opinion no place for a pontoon boat. Glad the crews were able to respond so fast. If you are not an experienced captain stick to the back bays.

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