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These new lures from Ocean Arsenal Tackle catch fish

Ted Proseus started up a new lure company Ocean Arsenal Tackle LLC last year. I met him somewhere in the surf one day. He was throwing his surf bullet, a lure that lives up to its name. Slaying bluefish one after another when no one was hooking up at all. “Try this white surf bullet I am killing it on them.” I was hooked after several casts and landing fish. On a ten foot surf rod and braided line, these cast as far as a snapped rig. I can also use them for jigging up and down on wrecks and the inlet.
“After throwing lures from the surf, piers and jetties from South Carolina to the Mid-Atlantic for over 30 years, I always preferred metals and found a handful that were my trusted brands and sizes. One of my favorites had become more and more expensive and another was never available with any reliability. Two years ago I had finally had enough of the frustration and started considering what I personally wanted in a “perfect” lure and how could I make something economical and durable that you wouldn’t be traumatized to “use and lose” in a pack of bluefish. ”

ocean arsenal tackle, surf bullets, sand eels
Ocean Arsenal Tackle’s Surf Bullets under UV light

The Surf Bullets are sweet lures, they cast a country mile with little effort and sink fast. Now Ted has added paint that reflects with UV light, the main wavelength of light that penetrates water. This is good for darker, deeper water. The Ocean Arsenal Tackle Surf Bullets come in a variety of UV reflective colors. “One trend in fishing lures over the last decade or so is using UV reflective paint or even incorporating UV reflective compounds directly into the bodies of soft and hard plastics. I have become convinced over time and testing that UV is not a gimmick. Lure visibility is an especially real concern in the surf due to turbidity or just low light conditions early and late in the day when predator activity happens to be highest as well. UV wavelengths penetrate the water column very well and predators are sensitive to this light. All Ocean Arsenal Tackle Surf Bullets with solid colors other than white or any highlight color over a white body are UV reflective.”

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ocean arsenal tackle, surf bullets
Ocean Arsenal Tackle Surf Bullets can be rigged with treble or single hooks on request.

This year Ted added a Sand Eel to the Ocean Arsenal’s line of lures. “Sand Eel teasers! Durable body and hard, unweighted head on Mustad long shank 1/0 Seaguard hooks. Any combo of pink, blue, white, green, and silver available with more colors coming soon.”
The sand eels are great in tandem for black sea bass. I am also looking forward to rigging some up for striped bass on a long leader, or in tandem like a speck rig. They should be a rather versatile lure for multiple species of fish; flounder, Spanish mackerel, black sea bass, striped bass, and bluefish. We will be hearing more from Ted Proseus soon with some articles he is going to send in about fishing with his lures and our favorite past time in general. You can find his lures at some of the local shows, this spring’s Delmarva Outdoors Expo, and online at Ocean Arsenals Tackle LLC’s page on DS CUstom Tackle.

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Ted Proseus caught these Sea bass doubled up on sand eels rigged in tandem
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