OC Reef Foundation Reef Report 3/21/18

From the desk of Capt. Monty Hawkins,  Pres. OC Reef Foundation

Reef Report 3/21/18
Dinner Date!
Major Contributions!
Greetings Reef Sponsors,
After a year of modest reef building, the Ocean City Reef Foundation now has a lot going on.
This year’s Reef Dinner will be held at Seacrets again. We’re assured by Seacret’s banquet staff we’ll be allowed children for the May 6th event – 4 to 8.. We’re booked.
Tickets will be $25.00 at the door – cash or check; your check is also good for auction items ..credit cards can be run through the Foundation’s website if absolutely necessary. (Yes, I know — modernize! But look, there’s no one on salary. All this work gets done for free. Keeping It Simple For Now!)
We’ve a new major corporate sponsor -US Wind- it’s huge. US Wind has offered to pay for the deployment of 5,000 tons of boulder at the Bass Grounds Reef Restoration project. Loading Barges, Towing, Deployment in grand scale; their sponsorship will bring the Bass Grounds Reef Restoration project to life.
US Wind has also indicated a long term relationship.. We could sure use the help.
For our part, OCRF has over $100,000.00 in funds. I believe that’s more than we’ve ever had on hand at one time. Plus we have a previous grant from The Nature Conservancy for $50,000.00 to spend on boulder!
It’s going to be a sweet reef. One that will last far into the future.
The more boulder we can buy, the more bottom we can build. It’s all about the donations.

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Pic is 1,000 tons of boulder from the Love Point Reef Project with the Maryland Artificial Reef Initiative (MARI.) Erik Zlokovitz. We’re looking at deploying 5X this much..

Benelli has sponsored reef building again; this year with a positively stunning Benelli 828U in 12 gauge. This fine sporting arm, an over/under, has an engraved nickel receiver, AA grade satin walnut stock, and 28 inch barrels. Raffle tix are $10 apiece, 3 for $20, or 10 for $50.00.. The drawing, as ever, will be on the Sunday after Thanksgiving — 11/24/18.. Although this gorgeous Benelli lists for $3,000.00, the winner could also choose to receive $1,000.00 instead. Raffle tix are available & will be mailed in a few weeks’ time to past donors. We’ll cheerfully mail more to you too if you’d like friends to have a chance at this classic firearm.  https://www.benelliusa.com/828u-shotgun
Closer & closer, we have an amazing donation in the works with Fascan in Baltimore, put together by Rusty at Crane Specialists.. Too soon to spill the beans, (but any moment now!) this enormous donation will make local reefing efforts a heck of a lot more simple..
New 2018 charts show our few constructions of last year highlighted in yellow. However, of great interest to chart users & an accurization project that’s almost finished; for this year’s edition I combed through the Great Eastern Reef’s bearings and made numerous corrections. I also overhauled the African Queen Reef’s bearings with a sidescan survey.
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All new chart corrections are highlighted in yellow.
(an aside, see http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2002-07-06/features/0207060081_1_danielsen-african-queen-delaware-bay  for how the Queen Reef Site came by its name. Fascinating story.) .
Sponsors: be aware donations really are the only thing driving construction. Ours is not a state program. If you make a copy of the charts for a “buddy,” (who doesn’t share your vision!) you’re lessening future construction..
We got where we are through donations. There’s a lot further to go.
Picture someone saying, “There’s too much coral off Ocean City.”
Yeah, no.
Keep the donations coming!
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Here a boulder reef made by barge-spill off Maryland’s coast. The pic was taken by Rick Younger at 1AM while on the Morning Star. Life is different on our reefs after the sun sets. The Bass Grounds Reef Restoration Project is about making this sort of reef in sq miles, rather than sq yards.
Have a new shirt design this year. Simple–one color; it’s one of Niki Pino’s artwork contributions modified by Mike at Red Sun for sweats/Ts..
Bill Regan, owner of Red Sun, will be printing them shortly. And, like last year, he is donating 150 shirts on top of our order! Look for new shirts in donations of over $100.00 after 3/25/18..
We’re also now officially registered with Federal/State Surplus. Will be looking for who knows what, but especially sinkables or any means to transport them.
Capt. Monty Hawkins
Pres. OC Reef Foundation

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