New Numbered Delaware Surf Fishing Tags Update

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The State of Delaware’s new Delaware Surf Fishing numbered tags

Recently many have asked when are the new State of Delaware numbered Delaware surf fishing tags going to be available.  I contacted Greg Abbot,  Manager, Administration & Support for Delaware State Parks and he sent me the following information that has gone out in the recent newsletter from state parks.   This is just a heads up so you can be prepared if you desire one of the new numbered surf fishing tags.  “ Delawarean’s have an affinity for low digit tags, and now Delaware State Parks is pleased to offer another great opportunity with the sale of low numbered surf fishing plates. This initiative was made available with the passage of HB 348 by the 2014 Delaware General Assembly. Plans are underway to have the first live auction at Delaware Seashore State Park in late October. This auction will be for a select number of low digit tags. There will also be an on-line auction for bidders starting in late September and others throughout the year. The black and white tags will have a vintage embossed raised letter look.  A minimum bid will be $250.00 and all tags purchased will come with a certificate of authenticity. Once purchased, owners will retain the tag as long as they have a valid surf fishing permit. Be sure to bid to ensure you get  one of these vintage collectible tags. Look for more information soon on the Division’s website at All revenue raised from the program will directly benefit Delaware State Parks and surf fishing beach access.”

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