National Geographic Just Broke The Internet About Plastics

If you want to know why I organize beach clean ups then read the article  “Plastic” in National Geographic that just came out it is very eye-opening.  Stop using plastic as much as you can. We have become so dependant on plastic it is unreal.  I honestly feel like a hypocrite telling you this by using my plastic computer.  It isn’t that plastic is all that bad, but how we use and dispose of it is the real issue.  We do need plastic in many applications including the medical field to save lives, but we are killing our environment with single use plastic, for convenience.

Mother’s day balloon found on Mother’s day. Nothing says let’s celebrate mother earth by smothering her life better than a mylar balloon.

On Mother’s Day we chased mylar balloons all over just one set of beaches. Most of them said Happy Mother’s Day, that gives you an idea of how long it took for that to wind up in the water and then on our beaches.  Happy Mother’s Day Mylar balloons found on Mother’s day.  STOP RELEASING BALLOONS to honor a loved one plant a tree it lasts longer.

In third world countries there are rivers of trash flowing into the oceans.  Poor people pick up plastic pieces just to recycle it for money at collection stations.  Think about that for a minute, they collect fragments of plastic waste to make money, to live and survive.  Only to purchase items made from single use plastic.

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Start looking at what you can do to help reduce the amount of plastic you use on a daily basis.  You would be amazed how much plastic you actually use.  Those plastic thank you bags are only used for about fifteen minutes, then they are stuffed away under a cabinet in your kitchen.

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Rich King

mylar balloons, sussex county, life saving station
You can see the distinct trail balloons create when moving across the sand



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