Monday Not So Funday Pictures

These are just some of the picture I took yesterday between meetings about expos, tournaments,and life.  Some of these area always flood and those of us that live here just deal with it as a normal part of the day.  For people new to the area, or visiting it seems like the end of the world.  It isn’t it is just water.

I know this is ruining a few late summer vacations,but look at it this way how often do you get to experience what you usually just see online or in the news.  Back to back nor’easter like conditions.  Storm tourist is something you can add to your bucket list.  Hint, if the locals start running for high ground you should too.

Yesterday we talked to two guys checking the inlet conditions, right when the 47 was headed out.  They wanted to see how it was so they could take their boat out.  They were serious.  Stay out of the inlet in these conditions please, that is one way to go and you are putting first responders at risk.

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