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Grey seal pup seen on the beach Sunday .. photo by Leah Reynolds

Seals are still showing up on the beaches.  This little guys is presently being rescued by MERR.  It will be evaluated and brought back to health and then released back to the wild.  I have no idea why it is being rescued, but if MERR felt it needs to be, then it needs help.

If you see a seal on a beach or anywhere, do not approach them.  You are required by law to stay 150 feet away from them.  You can contact MERR to come out and check the seal in case it needs rescuing.  Send a text to 302 228 5029 with as many details as you can provide without approaching the seal.  MERR likes to document as many sightings as possible.

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Harbor Seal at Indian River Inlet marina
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In most cases these seals are just resting and taking a break.  Some times they are avoiding predators (sharks).  That is one reason to stay away from them, scaring them into the water could put them back into a predator’s scope.  If they keep having to run form a predator they can become distressed and that can be deadly to these seals, especially the year old pups.  Stay at a safe distince

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One of my favorite photos submitted … Seal on the ice near a pilot ship .. Photo from Captain Kane Bounds

One good way to see a seal is take a boat ride near the haystacks (breakers) and the inner and outer wall.  The seals will hang out there in the sun and feed off the many fish that live in and around the rocks.  You are still required to keep your distance even in a boat.  Sometimes you will see the occasional seal on docks around the inland bays, Masseys landing on the marsh banks, and of course the beach.

Fish On!
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