May The Fourth Be With You

Fish Gut Friday … May The Fourth Be With You
By Suzanne Martin

This morning I fished the incoming tide on Cape. It was a beautiful morning with a SW wind , and very warm.  The beach was not packed, but more people than last Friday when I caught a drum and would have liked someone around to take a good picture. The water was a little dirty this morning, but calm and beautiful.  And I found my favorite cut and put out some bunker on the bottom with one rod, and  top bottom rig with bloods on rod #2, on my beautiful Spellbound rod custom-built for me from PC RODS , I had a bucktail waiting for some action ……and I waited …..
 I watched birds dive on bait fish, I watched people up and down the beach,  I watched people not aired down (come on , air down, it’s not that hard.  I have a Jeep and I always air down, tranny fluid is more flammable than gas….just sayin..) but saw no fish . I did have the opportunity to reel in a skate, and work  on my summer tan.
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Chillaware Island Surf Fishing Tournaments
Chillaware Island Surf Fishing Tournaments

I will be judging in the Chillaware tournament tomorrow , so I had to get my fishing in today. Hope every one has a great weekend, even of it rains, the fish are already wet, they do not care…? Just before leaving at the high tide, the wind changed to a refreshing SE breeze. Wish the poodle and I could stay and see what happens……duty calls elsewhere…. I want to mention , while gassing up this morning a gentleman walked passed me and said good luck young lady and was wearing a USMC shirt… reply was …” Semper Fi sir, and thank you  for your service”. Inside ! was also saying…..” thank you for referring to me as a young lady “?

       May the 4th be with you, and the fish….
                Suzanne Martin

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