Massey’s Ditch Channel Maintenance Dredging Project To Be Rebid Later This Year

DOVER (Feb. 8, 2019) – The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control’s Shoreline & Waterway Management Section conducted the bid opening for the Massey’s Ditch Channel Maintenance Dredging Project as scheduled on Jan. 30. DNREC did not receive an acceptable bid.   

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As a result, DNREC will update their design specifications and contract documents, and rebid the project later this year. DNREC anticipates that the second invitation to bid, to be announced this spring, will allow a four-month dredging window between Nov. 1 and March 1, 2020.  

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looking towards Masseys Ditch channel outlet for Indian River Bay

My add on to this … 

***The only bid DNREC received was for 7 million dollars which is outrageous.  You could do a hell of a lot more dredging that just that proposed project for 7 million as far as i have been able to ascertain.   I was informed there were six companies offered the bid, but only one bid.  We will have to see how the fall pans out now. ***    

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