Mary Lee pings off Assateague


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Mary Lee pings off Assateague Thursday morning

She’s back!!

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Mary Lee’s tracker pinged off Assateague Island early this morning, around 7:37 a.m according to OCEARCH.  She is a  16-foot, 3,500-pound-plus mature female great white.  She was tagged in 2012 off the coast of Cape Cod and named Mary Lee after the OCEARCH expedition leader Chris Fischer’s mother.  She (Mary Lee) and a few other sharks pinged off the Delaware Coast last year and got everyone excited.  It is very cool that we can track these sharks live on the internet.  Before anyone gets excited, sharks live in the ocean, we are the visitors.  I would be more concerned with the ones we cannot track.  We had several pings last year near the beaches and the Indian River inlet.  They were exciting but, last August, the 13-foot, 1,000-pound tiger shark named “Septima”was tracked in the Isle of Wight Bay, during the summer season.  That was an exciting day since she pinged twice in the bay.  Maybe Mary Lee is following the big stripers headed this way, or she just wants to hit the outlets on route 1 this weekend?  We shall have to wait and see where she pops up next.  Cate Ells a small Mako is also in the area, as well as Big Kahuna a small tiger shark.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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