March Full Moon Madness


moon shot though 16 inchlens, full moon, march, delaware, sussex county
The moon’s southern region taken through the 16” on Friday .. Photo by Elliot Severn

The moon will be full on March 23rd at 8:01 AM.  The march full moon is known as the Worm moon to many Native American tribes.  It is the time of year the snow melts, the ground gets softer, and earthworms start to emerge from the ground.  There are other names based on other signs of spring.  The Crow Moon for the cawing of crows.  The Crust Moon named for the crust on the snow from constant thawing and freezing.  The Sap Moon represents the time of year maple trees are ready to tap for sap.  This was also known at the last moon of winter to Christian settlers and they called it the Lenten Moon.

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