Low Digit Delaware Surf Fishing Tags Auction Starts

The Online Auction For Low Digit Delaware Surf Fishing Tags Will Start On Black Friday Great Gift for The Surf Angler

The Low digit Delaware Surf Fishing tags auction is a yearly event. The auction starts on Black Friday, November 29th and lasts until December 11th. The minimum bid for a numbered Delaware Surf Fishing tag is $250. Tag number 1 sold in 2015 for over $20,000.

Getting into the online auction is easy. Create an account to register an auction bid number at US Gov Bid. There is a $100 fee to acquire your US Gov Bidding number of which $50 is a deposit, you also have to send in a picture of a photo ID.
This company also does all the Delaware State Surplus auctions, I find some really good stuff at these auctions online.

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Choice of 501 – 1,000 Excludes: 515, 555, 561, 600, 666, 692, 730, 787 Excludes: 814, 911

This year there are several options for tag number selections. The lowest number available for this auction is 36. The lowest three digit number is 125. There are also six numbers that can be chosen, meaning you can pick a number between “x” and “y” to select your desired number. The first selection of numbered Delaware Surf Fishing tags is numbers 51 to 200 and that selection is reserved for Delaware State residents only. Check the Delaware State Park’s website for a full list of tag numbers and choice options.

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Jim Weller with the Delaware Surf Fishing tag number 1 he won at auction in 2016

You do not need a numbered Delaware Surf Fishing Tag to use the beaches for surf fishing, these are a novelty. These tags must be kept current with a yearly or two year surf fishing permit or sticker. Monies raised by these auctions are used by the division of parks for general maintenance and projects. I have been asking for Tag 0 for years.

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Old School Delaware State Park beach tags for surf fishing access. You aren’t allowed to use these anymore as your surf tag, but this was really cool to see the other day.

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