Delaware Surf Fishing Numbered Tag Auction is a Big Success

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Dave Wilson auctioning off Delaware Surf Fishing tag number 2 held by John Atkins. John is responsible for getting the bill passed to let the parks do the numbered tags again.

Yesterday I attended the first annual Boo B Que and it was  great time.  We ate tons of barbecue and all kinds of things, oh and there was beer.  The highlight of the day for me was bidding on the low digit tags.  I was there to bid for Techno Goober and I had a ceiling of 19,000.  I have been in many auctions but nothing like this.  When tag number 100 went for $12,200 everyone knew this was not going to be an ordinary auction.  Dave Wilson did a great job getting the crowd fired up when he auctioned off the first tag, number 100, and he also did the last tag, number 2.  The ooooohs and aaaahs from the crowd sounded like people watching fireworks, and there were numbers firing off as fast as fireworks.  I had my boys on the phone and they told me when Dave asks for six thousand, bid ten thousand.  When I did that the whole room looked at me with jaws dropped, and the bids started firing off fast, it was  rush for sure and a lot of fun.  When I was asked if I could go for Techno Goober that afternoon I jumped at the chance, because it is not often you get to spend other people’s money.  In case anyone is wondering how or why I would be authorized to do that the answer is simple, I work for them writing website content.  We had to stop at $19,500 and the winning bid was $20,500.  The gentlemen who won that tag also picked up three more yesterday.  When asked why he bought so many he said he did it to help the State of Delaware.  That was a very cool thing to do.  At the end of the auction the tags went for a total of $113,700.00.  Today the online auction ended at 7 PM, but several auctions were extended for a bidding war that lasted a good half an hour.  The first online auction of Delaware surf fishing tags  totaled $67,452.  I think it is safe to say these tags will help the parks with needed projects and maybe add a job or two.  Ray Bivens director of parks, said that the sale of one tag would pay for a lifeguard for a year.

Fish On!!

Rich King

Online Auction Tags Sold …. 

Tag 9 …. $14,600

Tag 15 …. $8,100

Tag 19 …. $ 5,400

Tag 30 …. $5,300

Tag 40 …. $4,500

Tag 47 …. $3,300

Tag 55 …. $3,500

Tag 72 …. $2,800

Tag 80 …. $3,600

Tag 201 …. $2,100

Tag 222 …. $3,500

Tag 250 …. $1,852

Tag 302 …. $6,000

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Tag 410 …. $1,300

Tag 450 …. $1,600

Live Auction tags sold Saturday … 

Tag 100 …. $12,200

Tag 90 …. $3,100

Tag 87 …. $3,300

Tag 70 …. $4,000

Tag 350 …. $700

Tag 300 …. $2,000

First lot tag auction …. (312) $2,000

Second Lot tag auction …. (102) $3,000

Third lot tag auction …. (53)  $4,400    (57) $4,400

Tag 50 …. $6,000

Tag 35 …. $9,100

Tag 20 …. $9,000

Tag 14 …. $7,000

Tag 8 …. $10,500

Tag 3 …. $12,500

Tag 2 …. $20,500

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