Lot of Food In The Water


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Sean O’Neill with a short bass caught on a bucktail Saturday in Delaware Seashore State Park.

We have been on the beach the past few days fishing and exploring the tidelines.  That is where you find some of the best evidence of fish in the surf.  Yesterday I found a bunch of crab claws and one or two spider crab molts.  That is always a good sign if they are molting.

Today I found a sea robin minnow that was still alive. I also found sand flea husks or molts.  We did find one live sand flea.  They are deep in the sand at the water line but not hard to get with a good shovel.  Fish will be feeding on them in the surf line.

sand flea, mole crab, tautog bait, delaware, sussex county
Sand flea husk or molt
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There is also a lot of bunker out there.  Gannets have been raining along the surf in groups all day long.  While I was watching them in Delaware Seashore State Park this morning.  An hour later I get a message there are gannets raining off Cape Henlopen, then another call an hour later they are in front of the Indian River Inlet.  Those birds are on bait fish, but what is under the bait fish is what we want to know.   Striped bass or bluefish would be the best and preferred guess.  There are reports of bluefish up north in Jersey.  Smallstriped bass are mixed in with the bunker around the inland bays and Delaware bay.


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Bunker snagged by Jesse Williams in his surf gear.

We heard of a few small bluefish being caught, but have yet to see any bluefish. The bunker are really close to the surf.  Anglers are snagging them in their lines that are out with rigs.  The bunker are so thick they are running into the lines and getting caught up.  Good way to get free bait. While you are wondering what is pushing the bunker in so close to shore.  Then the gannets go by again, raining on bait.  Very active day in the surf.  You should call in sick for Easter tomorrow and go fishing.

Fish On!

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