Lewes Beach Replenishment Closes Roosevelt Inlet Parking Lot


Roosevelt Inlet parking lot is closed

A couple of weeks ago a high, chain link fence was put up around the Roosevelt Inlet parking lot.  The beach replenishment project is underway and the crews need the parking lot as a staging area for the dump trucks and heavy equipment.  This is not a typical beach replenishment like we see on the ocean beaches in Bethany this year.  This sand is not being pumped in form a dredge or mining site.  it is being trucked in and spread by heavy equipment.  I don’t know the particulars, but either they can’t dredge the bottom of the Delaware Bay near Lewes for environmental reasons, or this way is just cheaper.  These crews spend all day delivering sand, dumping it off, then it gets scooped up, put into a another dump truck, delivered to the dump site, the bulldozers spread it out, and the process starts all over.  I can imagine it takes a while to rebuild a beach with this process.


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You can access the jetty along the back of the fenced area.

The parking lot is closed at Roosevelt inlet you can park near it in the grass and still access the jetty to fish.  There is a path along the fence that is still accessible.  Until you get to he edge of the beach then you have to traverse the rocks to get back on the path along the fence.  The fence runs all the way to the water line to make sure people know to stay out of the area.  The parking area will be closed for a couple of months I have been told by the town of Lewes.  Other than that I couldn’t find anyone who had any details about this project.  You can still access Lewes Beach at the main parking lot at the end of Savanah road.  I am not sure how much of the beach is being replenished at some point the crews could move in that direction.  that area seems fine as far as amount of sand and beach height.

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Rich King


Beach is closed to the edge of the bay/water along the jetty at Roosevelt Inlet
At the end of the fenced parking lot is a orange caution fence
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Loading trucks with sand
Truck delivering sand to the dump area
moving sand form piles to the trucks
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Sand being delivered for the beach replenishment in Lewes.

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