Learn To Tie A Spearing Fly With Knee Deep Fly Fishing

   Micah Dammeyer is the owner of Knee Deep Fly fishing and guides in the gunpowder.  When he can’t fish, he is preparing to fish.  Tying flies, tweaking gear, basically the same stuff we all do in one form or another.  The video below is a great little tutorial on tying one of these spearing flies.  

 This particular fly he is tying is working well right now as a spearing or silverside fly.  It can also mimic a sand eel in the surf and along sandy bottoms.  Our schooling striped bass have been hitting this one well. 

Another great way to learn about fly fishing around this area is the Saltwater Fly Anglers of Delaware.  They meet every Saturday in the winter at Lewes Harbor Marina and sit around that tie flies, trade lies, and enjoy a morning with fishing friends on a cold day. 

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