Kendall Cleans While She Visits


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Kendall Schuster keeping the beach clean.

Many of my friends who surf fish will clean the beach while we fish or upon our arrival.  We can not stand seeing trash on the beach.  The parks actually provide bags for people and remind them to carry in and carry out at all park entrances.  Most of the trash on a beach does not come from tourists or beach goers.  Most comes from the ocean itself, especially washed down the Delaware river and bay, including the inland bays.  Eventually everything washes into the sea.   It is a great thing to see this young lady and other kids I know to take it upon themselves to help keep our beaches and environment clean, and do it of their own accord.  Thank You Kendall, if everyone were like you we wouldn’t have these trash issues.

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Erin Schuster “Kendall is almost six years old, but she fully understands the importance of keeping our earth, oceans, and beaches clean. This load is from a twenty minute clean up today at Savages Ditch (Faithful Steward Crossing), before the storm.  Let her young mind be a reminder to our fellow Delaware residents and visitors to #saveourbeaches, #saveouroceans, and to #stoplittering ” 

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