Just another day surf fishing in Delaware

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Pompano caught in the surf today by Sandy Mershon of Jim’s Bait & Tackle

Every morning I get up and wander out to the beach, rail, rocks, pier, canal, or drift a bay, and catch a fish.  Spot, croaker, trout, blue, shorty striped bass, redfish, pompano, king fish, flounder, blue runners, black sea bass, puppy drum, sheapshead, spotted hake (ling), there are so many to choose from.  This will not last long, but is fun to not know what to expect.  I don’t care what I am catching, just as long as I am fishing.  A lot of people eat fish daily, put in the time and work, to catch their dinner.  Anyone can go to the store and “catch”, but where is the fun in that.  Besides fun, some folks fish to supplement their fixed incomes, the store is not an option.  Did you know they are selling croaker for $6.50 a pound?  I have caught a lot of money over the years.  What boggles my mind is there is an advisory for eating fish we catch.  Yet the fish being caught and sold, are the same fish, strange.  Some of my friends have the luxury of stopping by the inlet on a daily basis, hammering blues, stripes, and trout.  A few are on a beach right now surf fishing.  We are lucky we have these resources to enjoy.  So yesterday, being a typical day, I did a little fishing in the back yard, and hit some spot and croaker.  There are blues, kings, redfish, shorty stripes, puppy drum, flounder, and pompano in the surf, as of yesterday and today.  Warm water fish are not going to fair well when the winter hits, might want to start chunking pompano.  Fishbites and squid have been very good in the surf, and surrounding waters.  Trout, Blues, Flounder, shorty stripers, and Redfish have all been hitting mullet chunks, rigs, and strips.  Everything is eating mullet, and the schools are thick.  Remember last week Chris Fortner was catching Pilchards in mullet schools in his cast net, that would be excellent bait.  This week has been hot and humid to say the least, feels like the dead of summer out there, and in here.  The weekend will cool down.


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Katelyn Foltz with the trout she caught the other day.

Chris Dunn and Katelyn Foltz were fishing the other day and she hit a nice trout … “18.5 inch trout caught on a live spot previously caught on fish bites.  Trout was hooked by a 8/0 lazer sharp while live lining the spot.”  Way to go Katelyn!  The trout have been hitting spot, live or chunks, hard.  That has been the best producer of trout this week, fresh spot.  Everyone likes striped bass candy.  Neil Parry was doing a little fly fishing at the flats this week.  He hit a blue fish, tried enticing a flounder, and spent last night rearming his fly box with poppers.  Chad Travis was fishing the Inlet the other night, hitting  blue fish, sea bass, and a shorty striper.  No keepers, but he had a good time.  The inlet has been producing, but the tide has been slow the last few days.  It has been a lazy tide on the Delaware bay beaches as well.  Some areas back here have lit up for small stripers.  The fish are definitely starting to move around more. We are already seeing that up north.  Paul Owens did a little crabbing this weekend, and had a nice haul. He cleaned, steamed, and ate them.  That is my favorite way to eat crabs.  I prefer to have them cleaned, and that is an interesting process to participate.

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Russell Marsh of Lewes, DE with a citation sheepshead caught on a sandflea at the ice breakers 10.20 lbs and a 23 inch length on 10-01-12 … Photo by Bill’s Sport Shop
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A citation sheepshead was caught at the beginning of the month … “Russell Marsh of Lewes with a citation sheepshead caught on a sandflea at the ice breakers 10.20 lbs and a 23 inch length on 10-01-12 … photo by Bill’s Sport Shop”    Nice catch Russell.  Brandy from Parker and Son HVAC and Sandy from Jim’s bait & Tackle are on the beach right now … ” Having a blast… caught a ton of blues. Spot, 2 pompano, & sheepshead!”  ….  There  are 2 surf fishing tournaments this weekend.  The Fenwick Island Fishing Club is having a tournament for members and potential members.  Delaware Mobile Surf Fishermen are also having their annual tournament.  Rick’s Bait & Tackle has fresh mullet, as does Bill’s Sport Shop, and Jim’s Bait & Tackle.  Good luck out there.  This Sunday is Coast Day 2012 … “The University of Delaware’s festive Coast Day returns for the 36th year on Sunday, Oct. 7 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Beach enthusiasts, seafood lovers, and anyone curious about the wonders of the sea can visit the Hugh R. Sharp Campus in Lewes, Del. on Coast Day to learn about the state’s rich marine resources.”  I look forward to this event every year, and last was very interesting.

Fish On!!

Rich King

Don’t forget to sign up for the Striper Tournament at Bill’s Sport Shop …  this year could prove to be very interesting in prizes, they are adding new offers daily.

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