Great weekend fishing the end of September

Wahoo, Delaware Surf Fishing, Ocean City Marina
Saad Soliman with 2 of the 50 plus pound Wahoo caught this weekend.

Many people came down here for a beautiful weekend.  It was a tad chilly in the mornings with a light breeze, but that didn’t stop anyone from surf fishing, or hitting the piers, rocks, rails, and bays.  I have been fishing Broadkill and Beach Plum Island, doing well on small trout, spot, blues, and croakers all on fishbites.  I meant to chunk up a spot to see what is hitting them, but I was fishing lazy this weekend.  My neighbor hit a small flounder the other day, and we have tons of baitfish moving around in front of us, on the incoming tides.  There was a rip line in the bay on Saturday and I would have loved to take a kayak or boat out there.  The birds were working this “rip” line for almost a 1/2 mile.  There were probably a lot of bluefish out there, from the surf I could see the water was boiling.  Blue fish have been all over the place from snipper size up to 8 pounds.  DaCraig Gibson sent this in the other day …  “Those big blues you mentioned last week are here, well they are in the Choptank and Chesapeake bay.. They are catching BIG ones down at Choptank river fishing pier in Cambridge.”  Thanks DaCraig, it is good to know fish are on the move.  Saad Solomon hit some very nice 50 plus pound Wahoo this weekend out of Ocean City … ” Hooked up with three this size before noon… Between 34-35 fathom and heading directly towards the Bow Mariner Wreck site… I can’t be more precise than that! 🙂 ballyhoo on a black and red teaser… Penn int. 50 :))) water temp has to be between 72-75 for wahoo…”

redfish, red drum, Delaware Surf Fishing, Cape Henlopen State Park
Jason Duncan with a redfish caught in the surf over the weekend.

Surf fishing report from Friday September 28, by Jason Duncan … “As usual our trip started with a quick stop at Bills Sport shop for our bait and tackle needs.  From there, we headed to Cape Henlopen State Park and went to Herring point.  We were most productive about an hour and a half before the incoming tide. Once we got into the Blues, they were in a feeding frenzy for about an hour.   Mostly on the smaller side but they put up a feisty fight.  We were using a variety of bait that included bunker, mullet, squid, and white gulp!  White gulp was set up on a jig head on slow retrieve and the others on Blue fish rigs.  The waves were churning and crashing hard but the pillow of water just beyond the breaking point was the feeding line for sure.  For some reason I just can’t help myself to take a larger rod, cast into the deep, and set it into the sand spike.  Once again this proved to be a method of feeding the fish, maybe one day I’ll learn.  In a two hour period we landed about 20 fish that included Blues, Flounder, Red Drum, King, and one Striper.  The largest was a 20” Red Drum. There was also lots of activity from the dolphins both out about 300 yards and close, maybe 50 yards off shore.    Another fantastic day of fall fishing with Brett Zingarelli and Jessica Duncan!”    Good times Jason, glad to hear it was such a successful weekend in the surf.  Jodi Updegrove and her crew finished up their week vacation with some great fishing in the bay, just below the Charles W. Cullen Bridge.  They hit flounder, stripers, and a beautiful trout.  The whole crew had a great weekend for fishing, and couldn’t ask for a better time.

croaker, trout, weakfish, Delaware Surf Fishing, The point at Cape henlopen State Park
Chris Walker a.k.a. Admin1 with a double hook up on trout and croaker

The point at Cape Henlopen State Park was fully opened over the weekend.  Now you can go all the way around, instead of just to the end of the point itself.  CHSP’s beaches have been hot all weekend for surf fishing.  Kevin Baldwin and the family were on Herring Point beach Sunday … “4 ling (at High tide), 5 nice blues, 2 skates all on chunk spot. Kids got 4 spot, a big pompano and a few snapper blues on fishbites.”   Admin 1 and his buddy Josh Hunt hit the surf at the point, they were hitting croakers, trout, and blues.  The blues were hitting mullet, and themselves when used for bait.  Spot were chunked up, fished with, and that increased the trout size.  Otherwise fishbites was the bait of choice … “Great day out on Cape Henlopen. Smashing snapper blues, weakfish, and a couple spot too. Nothing real big, but who cares!?!? Got this double up spot and weakfish within 10 minutes of setting up.” … “Josh Hunt was slamming the fish today on Cape Henlopen’s the point. Snapper blues all day and a few small weakfish thrown in for good measure.”   Suzanne and her crew were on the point having a grand time catching.  The pier teardown went well, the old poles were left as structure, and there are lights on poles for boater’s safety.  Good job by the Parks folks for leaving a nice structure “field” for us to fish.  I am looking forward to fishing that structure this coming week after the rains, in the Cuda Jackson Kayak I am product testing thanks to Delaware Paddlesports.

trout, weakfish, Indian River inlet, Delaware Surf fishing
Trout caught at the Indian River inlet on spot .. photo by Jodi Updegrove
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Alan and Nicole were on 3R’s beach in DSSP hitting blues on spoons.  Well Alan and Cindy were, apparently Nicole was napping.  Keith Barone was in DSSP catching needle fish and tons of blues.  The blue fish really lit up the beaches this weekend.  You just had to be there when it happened.  Typical fishing story.  Alan fished the Inlet this weekend and it has slowed down immensely compared to last week.  The mad blitzes of blue fish, with trout and stripers mixed in were not as prevalent.  Dubi Mejia caught a 23 inch 4.10 lb Weakfish on a spoon Friday night, beautiful fish.  The boys said the inlet slowed down, but they still managed some decent catches.  Alan was catching small tautog and oyster crackers, before the weekend at Massey’s Landing.  That area has been hot for all kinds of fish … trout, puppy drum, redfish, flounder, tautog, spot, and croaker, also they have been hitting decent sized bluefish as well.  Chris Fortner caught a few strange little guys in his cast net this weekend at the Indian River Inlet.  He was throwing for mullet, and they were thick, he found a few pilchards mixed in with the catch.  He didn’t get a picture, and released them immediately.  Pilchards are basically sardines, but these in particular he has never heard of being this far north.  Since they are in the herring family, and most if not all herring are protected, he sent them back to the sea.  That is a good thing to do, when you do not know if it is legal to keep what you just caught.

From DNREC … Recreational black sea bass regulations for Delaware. The new regulations, which become effective Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012, include new open seasons and possession limits as follows:

  • Jan. 1 – Feb. 28, limit 15
  • May 19 – Oct.14, limit 25
  • Nov. 1 – Dec. 31, limit 25

The existing 12.5-inch (excluding caudal fin tendril) minimum-size limit remains in place.“We are pleased that our decision provides Delaware anglers with the opportunity to enjoy three extra days of black sea bass fishing this October and will enable more than 60 additional days of black sea bass fishing next year,” said David Saveikis, Director, DNREC Division of Fish & Wildlife.

Hope everyone has a great week.  It has been a strange year for fish.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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