July Ends With The Black Moon

Not to be outdone by the full blue moon, which is two full moons in the same month. Tomorrow night is the second new moon for July, the first new moon was on the second of July. The Black Moon as it has been dubbed by social media. I ti snot a name that is popular in the astronomy community at all, even amateur astronomers.

Every month the new moon turns black (goes dark), the backside is getting the light from the sun, you can’t see it. it is in the same direction as the sun and sets with it.
This year July has two new moons, and the second new moon in a month has become known as the black moon in a cult like fashion.

This new moon also happens to be a Supermoon. The Moon will be at its closest orbit to Earth for the month, a distance of 224,074 miles.

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The “black moon” month occurs about every 32 months. Funny thing is you can’t really see the new moon, hence the term black moon. Many fishermen prefer to fish the new moon.

Black Moon

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