Carry In Carry Out This isn’t How That Works

Summertime the beach trash switches up a little from the winter trash. We find more cigarette butts in the summer than the winter. Because more people are on the beach smoking.

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Gull tearing up a trash bag at IRI this will be all over the place in no time

We still find a lot of the regular trash that washes onto the beaches, bottle caps are probably the worst, tampon applicators are in the top ten as well. Lots of small pieces of plastic from all kinds of products. Those are the absolute worst pieces, they mimic life like a fishing lure does, and fish and birds eat them.

Trash bag found on beach, animals have torn it open and spread the trash.
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Last week our buddy Andrew found this trash bag on the beach. That isn’t how this works. I mean at least they bagged the trash but to leave it behind? Who is supposed to clean that up? Leaving trash next to the dune fence or entrances is not how it works either. You brought it with you take it home. Animals will tear open that bag and spread the trash, and consume the trash as well.

Carry in Carry Out bag station in Delaware State Parks

With the new bag ban to hit Delaware in 2020, I am curious how the parks will deal with the carry n carry out bags. People mostly use them for collecting beach treasures and their dog’s waste. Funny though, on the bag it literally says to not take anything from the beach, because you are not supposed to it is just not enforced. Kind of ironic the very bag that says to not do that, is used for that and not the trash they are intended.

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