January’s Super Blood Wolf Moon Pictures


blood moon, 2019, delaware, sussex county, super wolf blood moon
Jodi Lynn Jones shot this laying on the ground looking up at the blood moon next to the tower in Delaware Seashore State Park.

 I learned a few things while freezing my tail off last night.  I need a tripod, a remote for taking pictures, and more studying of moon shots.  I am still learning how to use a real camera, point and click with auto doesn’t work on moon shots.  There are usually a ton of pictures online, but I think the lack of is due to the insane temperatures and wind last night for us east coasters up north.  People had tripods blow over, frozen shutters, you name it the weather caused a lot of issues for may people in the greater north. 


blood moon, 2019, delaware, sussex county, super wolf blood moon
one second exposure handheld in the cold and shivering, makes for a freaky picture.

Taking  a shot of the blood moon hand held while shivering in 30 mph winds was not a lot of fun.  It was a great experience watching the moon transition from full to shadow, back to full.  I love watching events in the night sky but the winter months can make it brutal, even though that is the best time with clearer skies and no haze.  Log exposures to short exposures, change settings for ISO and F, shutter speeds.  The combinations are many, and I am still learning which for me is half the fun.  It is kind of like fishing, you are trying to catch that perfect shot or moment.


blood moon, 2019, delaware, sussex county, super wolf blood moon
Justin Webb shot the blood moon on an iphone with a spotting scope up to 60x
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A few of my photog friends took some great shots, with better gear, even cell phones with spotting scopes.  So now I need to get a spotting scope and try my droid skills, because why not. 

I watched the transition into the full blood moon, and back into the half full then called it for the night.  I couldn’t stay up and watch it transition out, it was way too cold.  Still frozen this morning, but glad I got to experience this will clear skies.  

Will try again in 2021, and hopefully have the skills and more gear.  Photography is one expensive hobby but rewarding.

Fish On!

Rich King 

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