It Finally Happened

Identifying Fish Can Be Hilarious Online Especially When It Happens To Be a Banded Rudderfish

(August 12, 2019) … I have been waiting a long time for this day, and laughing for a half hour. That moment someone sends you a fish ID question and it actually is a banded rudderfish. For those in the know, this is funny because, the standard answer for any fish ID isss …. drum roll … Banded Rudderfish.

Rick Ott and the crew were trolling near the beach today and got this banded rudderfish. They sent the picture and I literally started laughing out load. It finally happened.

Fish On!
Rich King

Banded Rudderfish
Banded Rudderfish
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Banded Rudderfish (Seriola zonata)

One the smallest of the amber jack species. They have six black bands along their body. These bands disappear once they get over ten inches long. The very tip of the tail is white which helps differentiate them from other jack species and pilotfish. They are a schooling fish, that will follow larger marine creatures and eat the scraps created during a feeding.

Delaware doesn’t have a creel limit, they are known a s a trash fish. There are a few videos online about filleting and preparing banded rudderfish.

what kind if fish is this, baneded rudderfish
RIck Ott’s Banded Rudderfish caught near the surf trolling

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