Inland Bay Communities Heads Up

 If you are on the Oak Orchard side of the inland bays the water is coming up fast.  WInds are pushing water fast and high tide just hit at the Indian River inlet.  It is flowing fast across the usual low spots on river road. 

water below riverside at chiefs road coming in fast

   I just watched water come across the road on river road a’hell’in. The tide is two hours out for high tide in these areas.  We are used to these flood tides, but the wind will make this a bit worse.  Water on 2 mile road is to the old liquor store and rising. 

Just a heads up you know the drill, the gates are open ann the side roads to get in and out.  Be wary don’t cross it unless you have to.  We all live down here so we are used to this but it can get deep fast.  

Tomorrow’s tide will be worse at this rate.just a heads up!

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Rich King  

Tides … Indian River Inlet

2018/09/10 Mon 03:07 AM -0.19 L
2018/09/10 Mon 09:41 AM 3.19 H
2018/09/10 Mon 3:21 PM -0.28 L
2018/09/10 Mon 10:06 PM 3.42 H
2018/09/11 Tue 03:53 AM -0.21 L
2018/09/11 Tue 10:30 AM 3.24 H
2018/09/11 Tue 4:13 PM -0.20 L
2018/09/11 Tue 10:52 PM 3.26 H

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