Indian Summer Surfing Delaware

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Colin Herlihy , delaware surfing, delmarva waves, sesh,shredding waves, sussex county
Colin Herlihy getting some sick air that day.

The Indian Summer of November produced some great days for the surfers to get out there and really work their skills.  The surfers here live for days like these and recently they have been treated almost weekly to these or similar conditions.  They call it a “sesh” and a few days this November the waves were absolute beasts.  I like to go check the surfers out and see the power of the waves on these days.  You can’t surf fish in this mess so it is a fun alternative.  Matt Adams of Open Aperture Ideas, made a great video featuring riders Raven Lundy, Colin Herlihy, and Simon Hetrick.  When you get to 1:41 in the video, check out that beast of a wave.  Everyone saw this wave, no one rode it, but you could hear the awe in all our voices  … it was truly a beast.  The power of the waves that pummel our shores from storm surges and winds can really be seen in this video.  We do get some serious waves in Delaware, but like fishing you have to be there when it happens.  I remember when a guy was asked by his girlfriend when are you leaving?  He just looked at her and said when this is over or it gets too dark, and then he ran back into the washing machine.

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Rich King

Pictures from that Epic day
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