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Delaware’s Fishing Interests .. source DNREC

Today there was a workshop meeting in Rehoboth with the town council.   Matt Heim was there and gave his presentation on seismic testing.  We didn’t realize that we were allowed to comment publicly, so I sent in my comments via email.  Rehoboth will have a proposal for their next workshop in January.  It was asked in the meeting what DNREC’s position on this issue was, this is the link to a letter written by Secretary David Small to Secretary Sally Jewell of the Department of the Interior.  The letter asks that seismic testing not be allowed off the coast of Delaware.  In the letter Secretary Smalls includes a map and some figures.  Recreational fishing based on a 2011 survey fishing, brought in an estimated 149 million dollars and 1,300 jobs.  Boating during the same time period, brought in 950 million dollars and 7,800 jobs.  That is not a small amount of money.  In the letter Secretary David Small asks that Delaware’s fishing interests be avoided by any and all seismic testing.  This letter was written and sent in April of 2015, I am writing about this now to let people know that DNREC has taken a stance on seismic testing.  If you know anyone on town councils in any of Delaware’s coastal towns and inland towns please urge them to look into asking their town council  propose a resolution against seismic testing.  If you are a citizen of any town that has not voted on this please ask your town council to put this on their agenda.  It is important that we take a stand together against seismic testing off the coast of Delaware, and the entire East coast.  Thank You.

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