Hide The Good Silver From Pop-pop


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Jigs made form silver utensils … photo credit anonymous

When we were kids my grandmother would get real mad at my grandfather over her silver, especially around the holidays.  At the time we didn’t understand why, until I started fishing with him.  Back in those days Hopkins were just barely hitting the market.  If you wanted a silver spoon or jig you had to make one, and what stays shiny in saltwater after many uses, silver.  Being an innovative angler and a skilled engineer my grandfather took one look at those silver serving spoons and knew where to get the best material to make spoons and “knife-handle” jigs.  He would snag a silver spoon from grandma’s collection and use the spoon end to obviously make a spoon and the handle made a nice metal jig that worked like the Hopkins we use today.  Silver is easy to shape and stays shiny even with a patina from exposure to salt water.  Regular utensils are made of cheaper metals, are harder to work or shape, and they rust.   Seems like more of the silver utensils would disappear around the holidays when grandma would break out the good silver for a large family dinner.  She would watch Pop-pop like a hawk, but somehow a spoon or butter knife would always come up missing.  Grandma knew where it went, she would give Pop-pop some grief, but it was all in jest, she knew fishing was what made him the happiest.  The picture on this post reminded me of the day I discovered Pop’s stash of silver jigs and spoons.  He just looked at me and smiled, and said … “Don’t tell your grandmother, or we will not be fishing for a week.”  Mums the word Pop, mums the word.  Then I handed him a spoon I “found” at dinner that night.

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