Daily Break Ins At Tall Pines Campground


Tall Pines Campground
Tall Pines Campground

A bunch of my friend’s campers have been hit almost daily this past week at Tall Pines Campground.  Literally every day they find out entire streets are hit, people have lost nothing or been totally cleaned out.  This is just a heads up for residents there, and people in surrounding campgrounds.  Make sure you have your property secured and from the sounds of things from residents of Tall Pines it might be time to get some security cameras on your property.  We see more break ins during the off season, especially at seasonal campgrounds, but this has been happening for almost a week, and some people have been robbed twice.  Most of the times these are just kids breaking in to have a place to hangout, but from the sounds of things this has gotten a bit out of control and it is a gated community.  Unfortunately they only keep the honest people out.

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