Guarantee Your Delaware Surf Fishing Tag And Access Forever.

So you didn’t get a Delaware surf fishing access tag this year and you’re upset about it? You aren’t the only ones, but there is a simple solution to own a “forever tag”.

There is a bit of a loophole in the Delaware surf fishing tags. If you have one of the new numbered black Delaware surf fishing tags, you have a guaranteed tag. Granted it is first come first serve to get Delaware Surf Fishing tags when they go on sale this winter. That rule however gets trumped by Delaware State Parks rule to keep those numbered black tags. The tags have to remain current at all times or the owner loses the tag. Some of these tags went for tens of thousands of dollars. I bod on one for a friend for over 20 grand, that was fun.

delaware surf fishing tags, sussex county, delaware state parks, drive on beach access
Delaware Surf Fishing black numbered tag … number 68.

In other words, owners of the Delaware surf fishing numbered black tags are required to keep the tag active in order to keep the numbered tag. Just like the state DMV license plates for vehicles. You let a low digit tag or any tag expire, it will eventually be put back in the tag “pool” by the DMV. The same will happen with these numbered surf fishing access tags if you don’t keep it current.

harry aiken,delaware surf fishing tag number 1, sussex county, low digit tags, DMV low digit numbers, delaware
Harry Aiken holding Delaware Surf Fishing tag number 1, he didn’t win the tag we all wanted pictures with it
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Parks is going to have to eventually set aside 9,999 permit stickers for these numbered tags once they are all sold or auctioned off. They count in that 17,000 of limited tags. Right now not many are in circulation, so it isn’t a big deal, but eventually it will become one.

There is only one problem these tags only go up for auction twice a year. Parks might want to open the flood gates on these auctions. This is a guaranteed surf fishing tag by their own rules. The auctions start at $250 for the numbered black Delaware Surf Fishing tags.

The other guaranteed tag is the Firefighter free tags. Both of these are issues the parks are going to have to look at now that we have a limited number of tags. I would suggest with the firefighter tags, parks offer a park pass instead. In case someone doesn’t want (use) the actual tag, to actually fish. I have seen tags on regular cars being used as park passes which is fine. I get the perk deal for the firefighters, but that is denying a surf angler access to the beach.

​Cue the local conspiracy theorists that will say parks did this with the numbered tags on purpose.

Fish On!
Rich King

delaware surf fihsing tag number 5, rich king, delaware, sussex county, low digit tags
Delaware Surf Fishing tag number 5 we won at auction for the “boys”

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