Got Mullet?

The other day Lighthouse view Bait and Tackle posted  up a picture of mullet, that’s right, flounder candy!  Not long before that Dave Beebe owner of the shop posted a video of mullet he saw when he was out clamming in the flats.   They were few in number but great to see.


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Mullet running local creek … photo by Taylor Deemer (2017)

Dave Beebe … “When Lighthouse View advertises FRESH mullet, you know it’s fresh! Having said that, these were just caught by staff member Jonah and are those early run little guys. Also got quite a few peanut bunker in the 3″ class. Already iced down and ready for you! “
Me …  “Nice mullet!!  You think they will be around for a bit or ….”
Dave Beebe …   “There are a lot of them right now, this is the first I’ve seen them in quantities enough to cast (net) for them. I’d be reluctant to promise them this early in the year.” 

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I don’t know how long they will be around the pier this early, but if you want fresh mullet this weekend hit up Lighthouse View Bait and Tackle in Cape Henlopen State park.  The pier has seen some decent action for flounder up to five pounds.  Lot of croaker and spot on top and bottom rigs.  The old pier structure has been producing well for the kayak anglers.  If you need a yak you can rent one next to the shop from Quest kayak.

Fish On!

Rich King

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