Good Weekend Of Fishing

Striped Bass, Bluefish, Puffers, Flounder, and Sand Perch

The fishing is picking up and the catches are more noticeable. Mostly because more people are fishing in more areas. Good to see everyone spread out on the beaches, would like to see that all year. Lot of room to actually fish, or do whatever. No one is in each other’s way.
Just took one nice weekend, the weather isn’t perfect for playing in the sun, but it is for fishing. Slightly overcast today is ideal conditions for striped bass. That has been decent action off and on in the surf. near keeper sized fish in some schools. As the fishing increases so will the amount of anglers, we need the walk n beaches open to fish.

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Kevin caught a near keeper striped bass in the surf Sunday morning.

The only reason you have read this far … Bluefish. When, Where, What bait etc etc. I saw the picture what’s the intel.
Bluefish showed up again yesterday this time in the larger yellow eyed devil size, or gator sizes. The Cape Henlopen State Park Fishing Pier was the location. There have been small blues here for a week random schools. Small blues caught this morning at the pier. The southern beaches were the best action last week.
3R’s is where everyone says they caught their fish, not necessarily where the best fishing is located.

“They were tailing the water just out of range at the pier, then they came in close. We picked off a couple.” Dave Beebe owner of Lighthouse View Bait and Tackle. Because when it is a slow work day at your third day back … you fish.

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The are northern puffers on all the beaches feeding on sand fleas, fishbites, cut bait, and bloodworms. DS custom Tackle top and bottom rigs are working well, locally made available in most shops or online.

Sand perch are here which is early but could explain a few things. It is also possible a croaker was caught last night in the surf. We are still debating that picture. Black drum have been random catches as well but are here.

Flounder are random around the inland bays and some have been caught in the surf. Jig the cuts. Small flounder being caught at the Cape Henlopen State Park Fishing pier

Spread out and fish, you will not be disappointed because at least we have the space to do that right now.

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