Getting Bent On The Beach

   Just before the holidays you would expect to just see a few vehicles headed out to the beach, to fish.  The last thing you would think to see is a Bentley on the drive on ramp.  But here we are.  

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The Bentley turned around with no problem according to these guys .. Peggy Udinski

Maybe they were trying to top the Tesla on the beach.  Story goes this Bentley was driven onto the OSV at Assateague on purpose.   Apparently they turned it around with no issue to take a shot for a magazine cover and then drive off the beach.  I would like to see this make tot the bottom of the ramp and back up.  What I don’t like seeing is a car tearing up the drive on access. 

This isn’t the first vehicle I have seen drive onto a beach to take pictures.  Several years ago at the southside of the inlet, during H2O weekend.  Some kid drove one of those low profiles onto the beach.  He drove down the jetty cap at the southside to get to the beach.  Drove out just fine, took their pictures, when he hit the gas to drive off, stuck to the frame.  They tore up about twenty feet of dune fence and poles to use to help them get it off the beach.  Somehow they managed to drive/push it off and never got caught by the rangers that were looking for them. 

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