Full Moon, High Tide, and Gale Force Winds

Good luck to all the anglers in Delaware hitting the trout ponds for opening day.  Not a big fan of wind.   Monday looks much better. At least we will see diminishing winds later this afternoon and the sun is already trying to break through the clouds.

ferry wall, delaware, bay, sussex county, storm surge, heavy waves, gale warning
Delaware Bay at the ferry wall yesterday ,,, photo by Mike Ridings

The storm so far has just been wind damage; signs down, boats blown over, extreme blow out tides, and  power outages from trees down.  The conditions yesterday were calm and serene waves at the beach, but the Delaware Bay looked like a washing machine.  Today the surf is also a washing machine and already reaching the dune line.

Water hit the dune line in Bethany yesterday, but not the park beaches or Rehoboth beach.  Lewes closed their parking lot due to the wind blowing sand and building dunes. At Conquest beach the sand was blowing upwards of three feet above the beach, you couldn’t see the beach, just a small sandstorm above it.  The beaches were smoothed out from being windblown, they will get a little carved up today.  Beach combing will have to wait.


Water will reach the dune lines in Rehoboth at full high tide .. taken at 7:47 AM

Today we have big waves moving rather fast.  Big waves are predicted into Wednesday.  They will get smaller as the days pass, but still be in the six-foot range by Wednesday.  Today we have seas with a nine to thirteen foot  swell mainly from the east with a dominant period of thirteen seconds.  That easterly wave push will also move water into the inland bays and can keep a lot of it in there between tides.

This along with wind will fill up the bays and could cause some minor tidal flooding.  Combined with the full moon tides, some areas could see major flooding depending on how much water gets pushed into the bay, that is really hard to predict.  We have sen minor storms in the past cause major flooding and vice versa.

Storm winds on Ventusky

We are still a good hour and a half from high tide, which is 9:30 AM at the Indian River Inlet  Water is reaching the dunes in all the beach towns, not just Bethany, which is still flat from the past year storms.  Probably a good thing for Bethany beach they didn’t get their beach replenished yet this year, that will happen in July.

We will all be able to enjoy that warm fart smell in mid summer twenty-four hours a day for a month.  Then again I would rather replenishment be done in the winter, if at all, so it doesn’t mess up the surf fishing.  Not a big fan of beach replenishment there are better ways.  It destroys the surf break and changes the beach structure to the point the fishing is horrible.

ocean city, power lines on fire, maryland, delaware,sussex county, storm damage
Power line in Ocean City Friday night.

Ocean City lit up on 27th street last night when a power line was having connection issues at a line fuse, which eventually blew.  Mitch King said it was a wild light show for a little while, “throwing sparks everywhere and lighting up coastal highway like a rock concert.”  The power lines always make that crackling sound when they get wet in high winds, but this was next level.  The video is crazy looking, can’t imagine what the people driving by thought.

Winds are shifting northwest to north today and we will have to deal with heavy winds into Monday, Tuesday is looking much calmer.  I am sure that will change, but for now expect to deal with gale force winds into at least Sunday.

This isn’t an official nor’easter but it sure feels like one, and many are calling it that.  If these winds were out of the northeast the bay communities would be flooding.  With the shift north that is still a possibility for the inland bay communities starting with high tide today which will hit them about noon.


port a john, storm blew it over
Port A John blown over at new road bay access, this is about 40 feet from the bay.

I would mostly worry about the Pot Nets, Mariners Cove, White House Beach etc. and the Oak Orchard side of Indian River Bay, and the same for Rehoboth bay.  Due to wind pushing water in that direction, but if the bays do see tidal flooding it will be in all the inland bay communities.  Add full moon tides to “stacked up” water pushed into the inland bays and we flood.  Best to be prepared because you just never know.

Fish On!

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Rich King

Tide Indian River Inlet

2018/03/03 Sat 02:48 AM -0.67 L
2018/03/03 Sat 09:35 AM 2.99 H
2018/03/03 Sat 3:21 PM -0.52 L
2018/03/03 Sat 9:54 PM 2.73 H
2018/03/04 Sun 03:38 AM -0.56 L
2018/03/04 Sun 10:18 AM 2.82 H
2018/03/04 Sun 4:05 PM -0.43 L
2018/03/04 Sun 10:40 PM 2.70 H


Marine Forecast

Coastal waters from Cape May NJ to Cape Henlopen DE out 20 nm-
Coastal waters from Cape Henlopen to Fenwick Island DE out 20 nm-
627 AM EST Sat Mar 3 2018


NW winds 30 to 35 kt, diminishing to 25 to 30 kt late
this morning and afternoon. Gusts up to 45 kt. Seas 9 to 12 ft
dominant period 13 seconds.

N winds 25 to 30 kt with gusts up to 40 kt. Seas 9 to
13 ft. Swell mainly from the E with a dominant period of
13 seconds.

N winds 20 to 25 kt with gusts up to 35 kt. Seas 9 to
14 ft, subsiding to 9 to 12 ft in the afternoon. Swell mainly
from the E with a dominant period of 16 seconds.

N winds 20 to 25 kt with gusts up to 30 kt. Seas
8 to 11 ft. Swell mainly from the E with a dominant period of
16 seconds.

N winds 15 to 20 kt with gusts up to 30 kt, diminishing to
10 to 15 kt with gusts up to 20 kt in the afternoon. Seas 7 to
10 ft.

N winds 10 to 15 kt with gusts up to 20 kt,
diminishing to 5 to 10 kt after midnight. Seas 6 to 9 ft.

NE winds around 5 kt, becoming SE in the afternoon. Seas
5 to 7 ft. A chance of rain.

SE winds around 10 kt. Seas 4 to 7 ft. Rain likely.

Buoy 44009

Conditions at 44009 as of (7:50 am EST) 1250 GMT on 03/03/2018
5-day plot - Wind Direction Wind Direction (WDIR): ESE ( 110 deg true )
5-day plot - Wind Speed Wind Speed (WSPD): 33.0 kts
5-day plot - Wind Gust Wind Gust (GST): 40.8 kts
5-day plot - Wave Height Wave Height (WVHT): 12.5 ft
5-day plot - Dominant Wave Period Dominant Wave Period (DPD): 12 sec
5-day plot - Average Period Average Period (APD): 6.7 sec
5-day plot - Mean Wave Direction Mean Wave Direction (MWD): ENE ( 62 deg true )
5-day plot - Atmospheric Pressure Atmospheric Pressure (PRES): 29.86 in
5-day plot - Pressure Tendency Pressure Tendency (PTDY): +0.07 in ( Rising )
5-day plot - Air Temperature Air Temperature (ATMP): 37.6 °F
5-day plot - Water Temperature Water Temperature (WTMP): 42.1 °F
5-day plot - Dew Point Dew Point (DEWP): 30.6 °F
5-day plot - Wind Chill Wind Chill (CHILL): 23.9 °F
5-day plot - Wind Speed at 10 Meters Wind Speed at 10 meters (WSPD10M): 35.0 kts
5-day plot - Wind Speed at 10 Meters Wind Speed at 20 meters (WSPD20M): 36.9 kts







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