Frying Pan Tower Flag Is Flying Live, Loud, And Proud

Frying Pan Tower’s American Flag Is Flying Live on the web cam waiting for Hurricane Dorian To Pass

I you remember last year everyone watched Hurricane Florence pass the Frying Pan Tower’s web cam, live. The flag was flying and was shredded by Hurricane Florence. The flag was also named during the hurricane, Kevin. After Florence passed “Kevin” was auctioned off for charity.

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The Frying Pan is flying the American flag again live online for Hurricane Dorian and you can watch it right now below. Turn down your volume the wind is viscous and loud. The flag isn’t shredded, yet. You can see the heavy seas in the background, keep an eye on that storm surge it is going to get big. The web camera will work until the batteries die.

The Frying Pan Tower is in the path of Hurricane Dorian, the eye path is going to be close. It is an old Coast Guard Light Station, 34 miles off the coast of North Carolina. Being restored by the non profit organization,FPTower Inc. a 501(c)3

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Hurricane Dorian with the Frying Pan Tower (FPT) in her path .. photo from the FPT Facebook page.

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