Fishing Tales

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Kevin Blouch has hilarious fishing stories
Kevin Blouch has hilarious fishing stories

I will write stories of the past and new….comically I hope….I have fished for a living for the past ten years out of Lewes De…
I don’t anymore….may again…. I changed it up and serve our great country through Americorps with Habitat for Humanity……anyway I will write what I have lived, have seen and still encounter. I love to take a picture and make a story…..Working on charter and head boats, have given me plenty of material. My writing is mostly satire…I love to have fun, share the weirdness and laugh….

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Kevin Blouch

Side Note … I asked Kevin to share his stories with all of you, they are priceless.  I guarantee you will be entertained.  Some of you may remember the fishing terms we published over 3 years ago, Kevin is one of the creators of those terms and they are hysterical … Rich King

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