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Dave Okonewski fishing Port Mahon pier
Dave Okonewski fishing Port Mahon pier

While my articles may not be as funny or as whimsical as all the other writers here, I will be covering all of the DNREC meetings relating to the beaches and fishing. I’ve been fishing since I was about 5 years old, and save for a brief stint in Michigan, I’ve been doing it my entire life. During the course of all of this fishing I’ve seen to many species have their stocks falter due to what can only be described as overfishing, although maybe not the technical definition laid out by the ASMFC.

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I am passionate about there being fish for my daughters kids to catch when they are old enough, and she is only 7 now. This conservation-minded approach has taken a bit of getting used to, as I used to eat all of the fish I caught. It has also opened my eyes to the errs of my past fishing adventures, bringing home buckets upon buckets of fish home from the Florida reefs I grew up fishing. Then again, it was legal so we did it, thus why getting fishing regulations and laws changed CORRECTLY is so important.

I’ve noticed in the decade I’ve lived in various parts of Delaware that there are a lot of people that like to complain about the rules, and wish they would change, yet when the time comes for them to speak, their voices are silent. My voice will be heard, and the aim is for more individuals to get involved in the policy making that shapes the very hobby/lifestyle we invest thousands of dollars in every year between gas, beach tags and fishing equipment. If we don’t speak up, our voices will be drowned out by those that do.

Dave Okonewski


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