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Shark tooth found by Joseph Parr on Rehoboth Beach

Well it is definitely winter the air hurts my face.  Ponds and low water ways are starting to freeze over with a thin sheet of ice.  The ice stays all day or melts depending on the temperature and wind that afternoon.   Winter spring is definitely over and it was fun.  The fishing is in full winter swing, white perch in the tidal creeks and neds or yellow perch, pickerel are hammering spoons.  Fun tip, if you are at a pond known to have pickerel and it has a thin sheet of ice.  Toss your lure into the ice, carefully so it does not go through the ice sheet, bounce it back to the water’s edge, the pickerel will  try to hit it through the ice, and will absolutely hammer it once it hits the water. Yes, these are the stupid things we do when we are bored winter fishing.  Not that fishing is boring but you get my meaning.   White perch action has been hot for anglers braving the heavy winds and cold we had the past few days.  You will have to call bait shops to see what their h0urs are, many are closed this time of year as well.  Beach combing has been good for many folks especially at low tide you never know what you will find.  Yesterday  Joseph Parr found a very nice fossilized shark tooth. That is a rare find on a Delaware Beach.  “It was found right in on the beach in front of the main circle there in Rehoboth.  In the sand and pebbles ”  said  Joseph Parr.

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Katydid Sportfishing … 1/9/15; 33 Tog! Heaviest Tog 13.4, 12.6, 10.1, 8.14 along with 6 other citation fish over 7lbs

Everyone has been asking about striped bass and some are still in Jersey and for the most part not in Delaware.  The Bethany bumps might produce a fish or two, but you have to get out there and that has been an issue the past few days.  Boats have been marking fish but can’t hook up the rockfish are concentrating on the baitfish.   The surf has been hot for dogfish and skates, you might pick up a few spotted hake on top and bottom rigs with cut bait. There are still resident schooling bass here, but that has been random in the surf.  Some shad are still hitting at Indian River inlet but that has also been random slow action.  The water temperatures plummeted after the front came through a few days ago.  The inland bays dropped almost six degrees.  Today the offshore temperature is  47.8 degrees, the lower Delaware Bay  is 44 degrees, the upper DE bay is 42 degrees, and the inland bays at Masseys ditch are fluctuating between 40 to 45 degrees due to the tides.  Fishing the inland bays in the winter is a little different in than the summer.  You can catch short striped bass and winter flounder, it is best to fish the shallow waters with mud bottoms.  The mud will absorb the sun’s energy and warm up more than the deeper waters.  Winter flounder season starts February 11th to April 1oth with a creel limit of 12 inches and 2 fish per day per angler.


delaware, waves, sussex county
Heavy waves last weekend. Event he shoals offshore had big waves.
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Tautog action has been good for the boats that are braving the elements to go out far enough to find them.  Katydid has been bringing back a lot of citation sized fish and filling the box on most of their trips.  Check out our Business Directory for an open charter the   Just because it is cold and windy out doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try for a some action in the surf.  You just never know and I can’t think of a better way to spend a mild winter day than at the beach or your favorite fishing hole.  The only difference aside from the fish for winter fishing is the amount of clothes you have to wear.  The high today and tomorrow will be in the fifties with mild winds out of the southeast.  The other bonus to winter fishing in no flies!  The surfers have had a blast with the recent swells that have shown up, it makes for rough surf fishing.  Peoiple tired the surf and it washard to hold bottom with eight ounces and there was a lot of grass, this weekend will be better conditions.  The beaches have smoothed out from the pummeling they took, but there are some swales here and there.  Keep an eye on high tide on some beaches when it is higher than normal, water is reaching the dune bases.


Antares ORB-1, rocket launch, NASA, Orbital, wallops flighht facility
Antares ORB-1 launch at Wallops Island

There are a couple other items in the news that you may be interested in hearing.  NASA has approved  Orbital ATK to launch cargo to the International Space Station.  These missions will be at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility located at Wallops Island in Virginia.  I was allowed to attend a launch two years ago as the media and it was a thrill to tour the facility and watch a launch up close and personal. The next launch at wallops of the Antares could be as early as May 2016.  Those launches are fun to see at the beach.    Also in the news, the first hurricane has formed in the Atlantic in January and that has  not occurred since 1935.   The hurricane has been named Alex since it is the first of 2016.  It is expected to hit the Azores sometime this evening and quickly dissipate.  Someone asked the  NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center’s Facebook page “It’s still pretty cool. Are we going to remember in June to start with the letter B ? ”  They posted back “We’ll put a sticky note on the computer screen as a reminder. ”  

Fish On!!

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