World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association Elects New Board for 2016

Punkin Chunkin Association 2016 board
Punkin Chunkin Association 2016 board … Sitting Left to Right – Ray Tolson (Trustee), Bill Thompson (Founder & Trustee), Judy Simpson (Trustee)
Heads Left to Right – Rich King (IT Officer), Frank Shade (Vice President), Terry Brewster (Treasurer), David Quigley (Secretary),
Deb Daffner (Trustee), Howard Brewster Jr (Sergeant of Arms), George Russ (Parliamentarian), Frank Payton (President),Jake Burton (Trustee), Kenny Hopkins (Trustee),
Ricky Neitubicz (Trustee)

Save The Chunk is ingrained in the current and newly elected officials of the World Punkin Chunkin Association. After their well-attended monthly membership meeting on Saturday, there are already plans in the works to make sure the chunk continues in 2016. With Frank Payton at the helm as the newly elected president, he conveys a level of confidence that this association needs to make things happen. “Our number one goal is to find a place to call home. We no longer have any problems with insurance, we just need people with enough land that can accommodate this event to come to the table and talk with us.”, said Frank Payton.

The Association is working with McCulley, Eastham & Associates, a national safety firm to make sure that anything and everything that can be done will be done in terms of safety in 2016. This has greatly improved the rates for the association as well as give confidence to the insurance companies. “With the appropriate insurance and our lawyers writing up the lease agreement to hold the land owner harmless, there should be no concern to host this event”, reiterated Frank Payton at the meeting on Saturday.

At their monthly meeting that they are in negotiations with a land owner in Maryland and a land owner in Delaware. There has always been the thought that this Sussex County tradition could leave Delaware but it hasn’t come this close with actual talks occurring. “It is our duty as members of this association to keep it going. If it can’t be a Sussex County tradition, we are hopeful that it can remain a Delmarvalous tradition,” said Frank.

punkin chunkin donates money, delaware, sussex county
Punkin Chunkin Donates $500 to Clothing Our Kids … Kate Gibson (left) – Clothing Our Kids
Deb Daffner (right) – Trustee of World Punkin Chunkin Association
Frank Payton (right) -President of World Punkin Chunkin Association

The group has already set the stage for 2016 by pulling what little money they accumulated in 2015 through their membership and donated $1000 to Bless our Children Foundation, $500 to Delaware Autism and $500 to Clothing our Kids. This is a fraction of the 1 Million that they have given back to the community since 2000.

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With the 2016 elections completed, the new board is comprised of a founder of the sport, Bill “Broad-dog” Thompson, and three past presidents of the World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association.

President – Frank Payton
Vice President – Frank Shade
Treasurer – Terry Brewster
Secretary – David Quigley
IT Officer – Rich King
Sergeant at Arms – Howard Brewster Jr.
Parliamentarian – George Russ
Trustee – Jake Burton
Trustee – Deb Daffner
Trustee – Kenny Hopkins
Trustee – Ricky Neitubicz
Trustee – Bill Thompson
Trustee – Ray Tolson
Trustee – Judy Simpson

Punkin Chunkin is a group that would love your help. If you want to help make the chunk happen in 2016, please reach out to them via email

Chunk On!

Rich King IT Officer


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