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Flounder in the surf at Herring Point … Jashua Walls

Sorry this took so long I am still trying to get caught up after a very long weekend with the Flounder Pounder Open and our eclipse fishing.  Well I don’t have to tell you how the flounder action is offshore, or do I?  Thanks to the Flounder Pounder Open we know the summer flattie fishing was killer last weekend.  Some people caught the most flounder they have ever gotten in one trip in their life.  Some anglers had a tough time as well, after all it is fishing not everyone will have the same banner day.  Best advice if you aren’t catching in your spot, move.  Minnows, silversides, gulp or a combination is always a good bait.  Remember big bait catches big fish and live lining a spot would be a good way to hook a doormat.   Also, those pesky, but tasty sea robins make great flounder bait just strip them out and put them on a Spro head.  You can also jig for flounder in the surf and they are hitting some rigs occasionally.   Look for them close to shore at the drop off or in the cuts feeding on sand fleas or bait fish.


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Tina McIntosh with a double catch of tiny blues … her first fish ever.

The little fish are hitting all over the place.  Croakers, spot, northern puffers, tiny seabass, and everyone’s favorite bait stealer … those little blues.  Like six to eight inches little.  Fun to catch the little blues with a small speck rig or a one ounce spoon in the surf.  If you see the birds working the water they are most likely on the little bluefish.  Just cast into them (the birds, without hitting one) you can catch two bluefish at a time on top and bottom rigs.  The other little fish are hitting bloodworms, fishbites, squid, and clam. Small sand fleas will work as well for the kingfish, especially in the surf.  The other day I was teaching a friend how to fish for the first time and luckily the birds were working the blues so I had her cast into them and she caught her first fish ever, and it happened to be a double.  Now she wants to catch a bigger fish,that’s how it happens.


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Stacey Chandler fishing the Lewes canal with the boys
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The Lewes canal has some decent croaker, spot, and pufferfish action around the town docks, and canal front park.  All of the structure in the canal holds fish, you just have to be around when the fish move into that structure to feed.  Short striped bass action has been decent for the Lewes canal, Canary creek and Broadkill river.  The summer slot season is still going strong and anglers are hooking up with decent smallies for the dinner table.  Speck rigs, or small one ounce bucktails tied in tandem, and swim shads are working very well.  You can find shorts all around the inland bays too on structure and along grass banks.   You just have to do some looking to get to hooking.   I know many an angler right now that are bored with that action and want to see the big girls show up for the fall.  We shall see if we even have a run this year.


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Finn Coulbourne with a double-header

The offshore action for tuna, billfish, mahi, and tilefish has been decent.  The charter boats are doing well so it would be a good idea to book a trip and get out there.  The end of summer is just about here, but the fishing will continue into what we call locals summer.   The Jet Ski anglers got into the king mackerel the other day on their way out to try for tuna.  That is fun fish to catch the fight is a blast.   I  think we will have to add them to the jet ski tournament fish list.

The water temperatures have dropped at Masseys ditch to the seventy-eight to seventy-six range.  A few days ago they were peaking to eighty-four degrees but dropping back to seventy-eight degrees at high tide.   The upper Delaware Bay is in the eighties and Lewes to Cape May is around seventy-six degrees, which is the same for the beaches in Delaware.   So far this summer the water temperatures have been mild at best.  Great for fishing when there are fish around to catch.

delaware, sussex county, fihsing, lewes canal. croaker, spot, weakfish
Dillon Walker fishing the Lewes Canal

Fish On!

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