Fishing Has Been Good Even During The Storm


banded rudderfish, surf fishing, delaware
Banded rudderfish have been thick inthe surf.

Where you fish is just the issue.  Even though we got slammed with the remnants of Tropical Storm Gordon the fishing at the Cape Henlopen pier during all that mess was on fire for spot.  The incoming tide has been the best action.  People are bailing spot over the rail.  There are even some flounder and the usual suspects being landed.  Mullet are abundant at times along the shore. 

     “The other day there were mullet schools so thick you could throw a banana (bad cast net throw) and get a dozen” ..  Dave Beebe ..  “Spot fishing has been on fire with bloodworms.  Get out here and fish while we have decent weather.” 


Suzanne Martin … Pompano were hitting like crazy two days before Gordon hit us with that mess

Andrew was fishing in the monsoon like conditions and catching the hell out of spot.  “Dude there is like 6 of us out here hammering these things get down here.”   Despite not being able to drive out to the point, the rough surf is producing some cocktail blues.  Holding bottom is tough with  6 to 8 ounce frog tongue weights or sputniks.  Best thing to do is cast out and hold your rod so you can control or follow your drifting line.    

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The water today at Beach Plum Island was beautiful, and the beach is full of cuts.  That would be a good place to wa on and fish today and tomorrow.   

    There are short striped bass with small blue in the mix, feeding in the surf wash on the ocean beaches. That area is all stirred up and full of sand fleas and bait fish.  It is A smorgasbord in there for them.  You have to walk on and fish.  plan your needs and just take a rod and a 5 gallon bucket full of what you need.   You can sit on the bucket and hold the rod, skip the sand spike. 

   The inland bay fishing in the back bay areas and creeks has been great.  Short bass are schooling up in the creeks.  White perch, small bluefish, and flounder.  The bluefish are mixed in with the schooling striped bass.    

Fishing will be decent like this into Friday but the surf will heat up fast with bigger waves from storm surge.  The water looks nice and clean on all of the beaches.

Fish On!

RIch King


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