Fish Gut Friday

black drum, delaware, sussex county
First cast … Black drum in the surf … Suzanne Martin

Fish Gut Friday .. Finally Back In The Surf
By Suzanne Martin


It has been way too long since I hit the surf with a mission . Today I started my day at Ice House in Lewes with Jasper my lab in tow. We picked up our fresh bunker,  clams , and bloods and headed to CHSP. The beach was foggy , and the water rough, perfect! I was just happy to hit the beach with the chance of seeing some fish. I parked and got rod #1 ready , and Jasper on the leash. I think he was as excited as I was !

I got the first rod set up with some bloods and a top bottom rig, and out she went. While cutting up some bunker for the 2nd rod , and watching the first rod…..wait a minute ….something just hit that….I picked up my rod and realized something was fish on!! After a nice fight of dead weight, a nice drum rolled up in the surf!! Of course there was no one around to take a picture, so I did the best I could.

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Second cast and one after another all day

After that, it was one short striper after another…all…afternoon…..!! They kept getting bigger, but no keepers. This is the spring fishing a girl dreams of . It was a day to relax, breath in the salt air, and go home stinky, my favorite things to do!! Get out and fish this weekend, make memories,  and go home a little slimey !

May the fish be with you ,
                        Suzanne Martin

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