Where Do You Find Sea Glass?


sea glass, beach combing, delaware, sussex county
Green is easy to see in the middle of all these rocks

I get asked this a lot especially after we post a picture on Facebook of our finds.  It is easy to find sea glass if you know where to look.  Yesterday at low tide in the surf in Delaware Seashore state park the conditions were perfect.  The waves are starting to reform the washed out beach area, and this is exposing a lot of shells and sea glass.  There was literally a line of rocks, shells,and glass all the way down the beach.

The best way to find sea glass is to go to the beach at low tide.  Especially after storms that carve up the beaches.  Everyday the tides reveal more objects along the surf line.  Burying and uncovering things constantly.

beach, surf line, beach combing, sea glass, delaware, sussex county
Long line so shells along the surf line at low tide.
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You don’t have to look in the fresh washed areas but it is more fruitful.  The wind will expose glass on the upper beach.  I have had pieces wash up next to my feet while I was just standing there casting.

The other key element is training your eyes to see the glass and not anything else.  The greens and other colors are easy they really stand out.  Brown, white, and clear are the hardest to see because they match the surrounding rocks and shells.  For the most part sea glass doesn’t look like anything else but sea glass.

mostly it all boils down to luck.  Finding sea glass is like fishing, some days are better than others.  This time of yer is better for the fact, there is hardly anyone on the beach.  That helps a great deal.

Fish On!

Rich King

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