Fenwick Island State Park Under A Water Quality Advisory, Slaughter Beach Has Been Extended

This afternoon Fenwick Island State Park beach was put under a swim advisory due to high bacteria levels.  This will only last until the 22nd (tomorrow) but they will have to test again.  Birds etc are being blamed as usual, I would venture to say the beach replenishment in Bethany and Fenwick may have a little to do with this as well, but that is merely my opinion, not an official statement from the state of Delaware.  We had some rough wave action the last few days and today, a dead dolphin and sea turtle washed up on northside beach in DSSP yesterday.

Also Slaughter beach’s advisory has been extended until the 28th.  We will keep you posted on Fenwick Island State Park.  The water will be tested again tomorrow.

This time of year it is best to shower after every beach visit due to higher water temperatures.  If you have open wounds it is best to not go into the water in an advisory area.


Advisory For Fenwick Island State Park … 

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Advisory Information
Site: Fenwick Island State Park Beach
Type: Recreational Water Advisory
Reason: Bacteria
Start Date: 8/21/2018
End Date: 8/22/2018
Description: Recreational Water Advisory
Comment: A water quality advisory has been issued for Fenwick Island State Park Beach following bacterial results which were above the recreational water quality standard. The bacteria most likely originates from wildlife sources and increased rainfall or waves can result in these indicator bacteria washing into the near shore waters. A water quality sample has been taken at Fenwick Island State Park Beach and the advisory will be lifted once indicator bacteria levels are within the recreational water limits.


Slaughter Beach has been extended until the 28th 

Advisory Information
Site: Slaughter Beach
Type: Recreational Water Advisory
Reason: Other
Start Date: 6/13/2018
End Date: 8/28/2018
Description: Precautionary Advisory
Comment: The sample collected at Slaughter Beach on June 12th was 52 CFU/100 ml which is below the recreational water quality criteria of 104 CFU/100 ml. Even though this week’s water sample was below the individual sample threshold, samples taken over the last several weeks have been elevated due to heavy rainfall and storms resulting in the geometric mean of the samples to be above the EPA’s water quality criteria. This precautionary advisory will remain in effect until the geometric mean is below 35 CFU/100 ml. Slaughter Beach is a well-known horseshoe crab spawning area and can attract large number of shorebirds and wildlife during this time of year, increasing the chances for elevated indicator bacteria levels.

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