East End Lighthouse Paranormal Investigation

East End Lighthouse Paranormal Investigation

By Torin Federico

I can definitely recommend the east End Lighthouse paranormal investigation to anyone interested. My fiance and I went this past Saturday, and really enjoyed the event.

East End Lighthouse lit up at night for the tour … photo by David Koster

The tour is a collaboration between the Cape Water Taxi, Intuitive Investigations, The Lewes Historical Society, and The Cape May-Lewes Ferry.

The weather was perfect, with clear moonlit skies, and red ambient lighting at the lighthouse to set the tone. On the way out we were given a brief tutorial of the devices we would be using during the investigation (voice recorders, EMF detector, spirit box, Ovilus machine, dowsing rods, pendulum) and a summary of what to expect.

Once we got to the lighthouse, we disembarked and went up to the first floor of the structure. There the guides set up the various devices and got the investigation started. A nice touch was allowing the guests to use the various equipment and for it to be a very interactive experience.

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The guides began by discussing a history of the lighthouse, and the stories of the confirmed death in the facility, as well as the various tales of drownings and missing persons there and nearby. It wound up being as much of an informative history tour as it was a paranormal investigation, which was a nice touch. They had certainly done their research.

As we worked our way up floor by floor, we definitely got interesting results, and answers to our questions through the various equipment. Without getting too much into the philosophical aspect of it all, let’s just say we got the results you wanted to get while doing a paranormal investigation. The night was far from quiet and dull. We were also informed that in the coming months we would get an email documenting any evidence caught when the hosts had time to go through the audio recordings and photos.

east end lighthouse, haunted lighthouse tour,
View that night from the balcony … Torin Federico

Ultimately as we finished on the top floor, we were allowed to go out onto the observation deck and see the views from up high. As someone who isn’t a fan of heights, I obviously had to go test that fear again. The sights were amazing from up there, and alone worth the experience. I tried to capture images, but cell phone is far from ideal when it comes to capturing the view there.

Ultimately it was a great event. We wanted to tour the East End Lighthouse anyway, so this was an added bonus. It was a very interesting and informative evening, and the companies really worked well together for the event. I would highly recommend it should they decide to do more, and would likely go back again. Hopefully this becomes a regular Halloween staple for the lighthouse with many repeated trips to come.

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