Dude I Got A Turtle Head Poking Up Over Here

The things you hear while fishing are not always what you think you heard.

Indian Summer in December, today was a beautiful sixty plus degrees. We went snot rocket hunting at the Millsboro pond boat ramp and fished off the new bulkhead in the new parking lot. That is pickerel fishing for those not in the know of what the ditch pickles are called.
Great place to fish. Side note, I can cast a four ounce Hopkins nearly to the island with my ten foot Tica. Why? Because I just wanted to see how far that new Tsunami Saltx 6000 reel can throw. You can’t judge a cast as well in the ocean. Someone called casting a surf rod on a pond, the driving range version of fishing, they are not wrong. We didn’t see much action, saw a lot of fish follow lures. Andrew looked at me and said, with a straight face, “I got a turtle head poking up … out there”. As you can imagine it got worse from there, fishing, the great generator of pure comedy. Thankfully there were several turtles out today enjoying the warm sun.

cupola park, bulkhead, indian river headwaters,  Delaware, sussex county, millsboro pond spillway
Cupola Park Bulkhead is fixed it washed out a few months ago, new poles and bulkhead

Then we popped over to Cupola park on the other side of route 24. Stopped at the barbecue guy at Uncle Willies, amazing food. I had to step down the rod to the old Penn 722 greenie and my ultra light set up. That surf rod would take out a car window or snag a house, even with a short cast. Indian River isn’t that wide at the headwaters. Lot of loons, and ducks feeding today. Canadian Geese hopping from Millsboro pond to the river. Some fish moving around, but not much action there either. The tide was way up and that is our excuse.
The bulkhead has been fixed and the fill dirt is soft along the edge. Almost had to air down just to park. Cupola Park is a fun place to fish with all kinds of activity, even if the fish aren’t biting.

chicken kabobs, BBQ, unlcel willies, millsboro, delaware,
Hit up the barbecue guy at Uncle Willies on 24 near Millsboro Pond

Then it was back to the shop to make tackle for DS Custom Tackle, the slave cave was nice and warm thanks to the now hot sun, and the heaters on blast. We are making gear for the upcoming Millville Fire Company’s Outdoorsman Marketplace on January 11th. At one point after a few hours of gear making, we got antsy. Answering questions online for people scouting the beaches and waterways for fish makes you jumpy to get out there. “Let’s head to Massey’s Ditch, I have to hit the bank in “the Neck”. When we are supposed to be working, a sudden and necessary errand is a great excuse for a fishing sidetrack.

masseys ditch dredge project, long neck, delaware, sussex county
Dredge barge in Massey’s Ditch

Massey’s Landing is still full of the dredge gear, and there were a lot of fish breaking water near the dredge barges. Turns out they were herring, and some guys were hitting shad there the other night. Something was pushing them around and they were feeding heavily as well. Out come the rods, and I talked to the Massey’s Fishing crew that is always there. “There are fish all over the place we were slapping those shad yesterday”. Then we all proceed to repeat the latest “stories” (lies) we have heard the last few days. “Where the bass at, what’s going on at the inlet?” … yadda yadda yadda.

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DS Custom Tackle
DS Custom Tackle

You can always count on the boys for the latest Intel, you just have to wade through a little of the “mud” to get the meat. There have been striped bass around there, but all schoolies. No one has seen any seals. We were asked by a woman with the biggest camera I have seen in a while. “Did you hear about the eagle that got shot the other day?” That was the buzz around the parking lot and pier.

I heard a lot of fish were caught at the point yesterday and a bunch of people were out there. You hear anything about that?” Another of the crew pulls up “I was at the point all day yesterday, all by myself, didn’t see a single fish? Hear the pier area was on fire, but I only saw a few cars there.” Conformation that the first story was slightly exaggerated and stretched by the time it got to the ditch bulkhead. Also a second story has started, from the secondary first, and no one knows if any of it is true. Welcome to the fishing grape vine of Sussex county.

sunset, long neck, peninsula, delaware, sussec couunty
Sunset over the Marshes of Long Neck peninsula

It was a beautiful day, we caught a nice sunset on the way home. Had to take a picture so we could prove we were at least out there, fishing the skunk.
A few boats went out today and hooked up on some nice striped bass. Some where in the ocean, we don’t bother with boat locations, fish move. Anywhere from the eights to the Sea Colony area, or Bethany Bumps, or south to Ocean City.
A few days ago Kevin and his kids were hammering short bass in blitz formation around the Indian River Inlet beaches. White swim shads for the win in the surf. Boats are dragging stretches, mojos, and bunker spoons. Many are marking fish and not hooking up. I would stop and jig for a bit to see if that works.
Sea bass season ends the 31st of December, get it in while you can. Charter and head boats have been doing decent on the sea bass. Tautog has been good action as well most days.

striped bass, delaware surf fishing, fishing report
One of Kevin’s Striped bass form the surf blitz the other day

Tomorrow is the weekly DSF beach clean up at Keybox to Faithful Steward, starting at 9 AM from Key Box beach parking lot. Drop by and help out if you have a couple hours to spare. Probably a warm, moist light rain to walk the beach, but we will see. Then of course it is back to the slave cave to make more DS Custom Tackle gear afterwards. I’m sure I’ll feel an errand coming on real soon after we start.

Fish On!
Rich King

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Not Our Trash But These Are Our Beaches
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